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May 15, 2024

Choices, Actions, Results

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As complicated as we try to make it sometimes, there’s a simple sequence of events that dictates what happens in our lives.

That sequence is: We make choices, that lead to actions, that produce results.

Now let’s walk through each step.

Choices are the bedrock of our sense of agency. Because we have personal freedom, it means that we have the opportunity to make choices in our lives. This is very empowering because at any given moment we can make a new choice that changes the trajectory of our life in big and small ways.

In fact, we are making choices in every moment of our life. But the majority of them are subconscious and driven by our unmet needs and belief system.

Then when you make a choice, it leads to a certain action. Another word for this is ‘behavior’. Both actions and behaviors are the external expression of the internal choice. It’s what causes your choices to actually impact the world within you and around you.

But not all actions are the same - Some are healthy, productive, and supportive of who we want to be, and some are not. Unconscious choices lead to unconscious actions, and conscious choices lead to conscious actions.

Which ultimately produce results. The actions we take interact with the world around us. We are incredibly powerful in that we underestimate the influence we have on the world and our world. Every action shifts the balance of things and in doing so, manifests in your life a certain outcome.

Now here’s the important part to understand. If we don’t like the results we’re getting right now, or want more of the good ones we’ve earned, we need to step our way backwards in the sequence.

That is only possible when we first clearly define the results we want (or don’t want)...

The from there, we can understand what actions we do or did not take to generate that certain result...

And gain insight into what underlying choices lead to each of those actions.

Now here’s one additional piece. In order to make high-quality choices more often, and steer ourselves away from the bias of our unconscious mind that keeps us in our comfort zone and reproduces the same results we’ve been getting…

We need to focus on cultivating more awareness.

When we raise the level of consciousness we live at, we become better aware of the choices we’re making, the actions we’re taking, and the outcomes that come as a result.

You’ll want to cultivate more awareness in your life, and supplement this foundational concept with other fundamentals that will accelerate your growth, I’ve put together some of the best episodes from the past that summarize the 7 Fundamentals to Self Improvement. Click here if you want to check those out!

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