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June 27, 2024

“If nothing matters, then, everything matters.”

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If you think about it, it’s pretty crazy that this is happening right now. Whether you call it God, source, or the Universe… And whether you believe this is real-life, a dream, or a simulation… The fact that you’re having this experience right now means that there had to be a miracle.

At some point something came from nothing. How does existence even exist?

As humans we live our own life that impacts our own little sphere of influence. We find purpose in improving what we can and making the world a better place. But zooming out, our world is just the tiniest sliver of the world. And one day everything about our world will be completely erased.

This philosophy is called "nihilism". It’s a belief that life is meaningless.

I refuse to believe that, and I find myself on the other side of the famous quote “If nothing matters, then, everything matters.” and here’s why.

While it’s true that everything we’ve ever created will disappear from the face of Earth and be lost history, that’s not to say we didn’t influence the way it all went down. We live in a shared, interconnected world where everything we do offsets reality a little bit.

On a microscopic level, every electron that moves impacts the activity of another electron, which interacts with another electron in another atom, and so on and so forth. Every breath we breathe changes the distribution and interaction of air particles.

Most importantly, every action we take, every person we help, and every idea we share influences the thoughts and actions of others. That goes on to ripple into the lives of more and more creating this never-ending and infinite loop of influence.

It’s through all of these micro moments that we participate in as a collective that we shape the future, and every moment is perfectly crafted by everything ever done. And that will continue on long after we’re gone.

What’s the point I’m trying to make here?

What you do matters. Every choice you make matters. Every word you say matters. Every idea you share matters. Because it’s one of the factors in the formula that calculates the future.

So hold yourself to that higher standard. And treat each moment and everything in it like it matters, because it does.

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