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June 20, 2021

SISD #54 - Money As A Spiritual Practice with Matthew Morales

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Topics Covered:

  • Money as a Currency - Our finances operate from the universal principle that functions best when it reaches a steady flow, in this case of spending and earning
  • Being Willing To Be Wrong - If you continue to incorporate perspectives and learnings that are built on top of what you already believe, you will never grow
  • Leaving a Poverty Mindset - It requires taking the actions we know we need to do and the mindset will follow
  • Money Is Not The Root Of All Evil - The love of money, the relationship you have with your finances that affects your behavior, is the source of how money can be destructive for people

Highlight Quotes:

  • “Our finances are simply a symptom of how we act in the world.”
  • “Arrogance is to avoid one’s own ignorance.”
  • “You didn’t read something until it changes the way you act in the world.”
  • “The mindset comes from the practice. We must become a student of what we affirm.”

About Matthew:

Matthew is a coach, speaker and leader who teaches about spiritual and financial freedom. His work inspires people on a “soulular” level and inspires them to question the beliefs they’ve traditionally held.


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