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September 20, 2023

A Change Of Scenery

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It’s pretty remarkable what a change of scenery can do for you. This weekend I was disconnected, enjoying time with family and nature. But without neglecting what’s really important to me I wanted to prioritize staying consistent with my morning routine and exercise while away, or at least a version of it. 

One of the things I do every morning is read my core values and my goals. What was fascinating this time was how I saw a very familiar process with completely new eyes. Reading my goals in this new environment, I realized that one of the biggest goals I have isn’t on the list! It was silly to me that I had overlooked something so obvious so many times, yet here I was.

And on top of that, since I was out of my normal way of doing things and could reflect on it rather than being so caught up in it, I saw how possible it was to reach a next level that I’d always desired and wanted. It was something I always pictured as part of how I’d operate in the future but for whatever reason never incorporated it. 

This all reinforced the value of getting out of your normal environment and getting a change of scenery. In our environment we have associations and connections that shape our experience. So even if we’re goal setting or brainstorming, being in that same environment will pull you to think in the same ways you’re accustomed to thinking.

So my recommendation is that when you do monthly goal setting, a quarterly review, or even some personal soul-searching, do it in a new place. Somewhere that is inspiring and empowering so that you aren’t limited by your perception of how things are and tapping into how things could be. In my case it helped me see what I’d been overlooking for so long, and with that awareness I can get more targeted in my approach to being the best version of myself.

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