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January 24, 2022

That Will NEVER Be Me

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I realized that throughout my life I’ve carried a lot of unconscious fear and energy. Like many people I fear failure, but what’s interesting in my case is that I don’t fear failing at something new I’m trying, I’m plenty happy to do that. It’s more that I fear the overall idea that I’ll be a failure in my life - Someone who is irresponsible with their money and gets into really bad and unhealthy habits, becoming homeless or worse. 

It’s completely irrational and once I brought my attention to it I realized that it wasn’t something I need to be afraid of. I’m fortunate to have people who love me, and who will take me in if I really needed it. I’m fortunate to be smart where I have something valuable to offer, and I can always be employed. And I’ve never touched drugs, so thinking that I’ll start making some bad decisions now in my late twenties is pretty illogical. Ultimately I realized that this fear I’ve had is ridiculous and this idea that I’m a complete and abject failure... Well that will NEVER be me.

I share this perspective because I want you to think about that worst case scenario in your life. This is real talk - Do you fear you’ll be abusive to a loved one? Do you fear that you won’t be able to put food on the table for your family or that they’ll have nowhere to turn if things turn South? Think about that worst case scenario would actually look like. You’ll probably realize that there are many things you could do to climb your way out, and even before that there are many things in place that will prevent you from ever getting there in the first place. I want you to look at that fear and say “That will NEVER be me.” Release whatever it is you’re holding onto unconsciously so that it doesn’t take up any more of your energy. That’s not you.

If you're up for it, let me prompt you to get to the root of it - Think of that deepest, darkest moment you’re afraid of experiencing, and prove to yourself how that will never be possible in your life.

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