Brian Ford

Brian started Self Improvement Daily in 2018 as a way to hold himself accountable to his own personal development. The demands of creating daily content required him to constantly pursue self-education, and implement the concepts he shared on the podcast in his own life. His personal growth is mirrored by the growth of the podcast, which now gets more than 80,000 downloads a week.

Through the exposure and reputation he has earned as the host of Self Improvement Daily, Brian has become a thought-leader in the personal development space and has been able to pursue many unbelievable opportunities like delivering a TedX Talk titled "Do it for the story".

Brian is a former Division 1 Student-Athlete, the lead marketer in a high potential health-tech startup called RecoverX, and is a for-purpose leader driven to make a positive difference in this world.

You can get in touch with Brian about speaking, mentorship, and collaboration opportunities at

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