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July 21, 2022

"Things are getting better."

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Take this moment to pause and see how great you’re doing! In self improvement we’re constantly looking for ways to strengthen our mindset, hold more self-love, strike a better balance, whatever it might be. And often it’s hard to know that your efforts are working. But trust me, whether you see it in the moment or not, things are getting better.

Just because you don’t have a measurable or noticeable outcome does not mean it’s not working. This is because of something called invisible progress. Often you need to invest in building toward something for a little bit before anything changes about it. A great example of this is boiling water. When water is heated up to boiling temperature it doesn’t immediately start vaporizing.

The physics of this is fascinating. What happens is there are additional invisible bonds and forces between water molecules that need to be broken in order for liquid water to change into a gas. So for a time, with extra heat it appears as though the temperature is not changing nor is the water starting to boil. It looks like nothing is happening. But in reality the heat is supplying energy to complete a process that is invisible to us.

Similarly, the reps you put in at the gym might not show physically on your body right away. The ways you limit technology usage around bedtime might not lead immediately to feeling more energized the next day. But does that mean it’s all doing nothing? Of course not. Over time, if you stay consistent through it, you’ll start to get noticeable results.

Your job in this is to trust the process. Know that you’re investing time and energy into things that are worthwhile. The overwhelming reason people try new things and don’t get results is because they didn’t give it enough of a chance to work. But with time, it will work, and you’ll be so glad you pushed through!

Let’s wrap this up by reflecting on this question - What can you be doing to make more progress in your life?

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