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November 5, 2020

So Much Is Going Right

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Despite the chaos and uncertainty we’re facing in life, especially now, there’s a lot of good happening that we’re not focusing on. It’s natural to be hyper-aware of the negativity, but just for a moment let’s bring your awareness to all of the positive. So much is going right in your life.

The reason you don’t think about some of these good things very often is because it’s just the way it is. However when something good is taken away we realize how good we had it and that we weren’t appreciating as much as we should have when we had it. Like a missed call from your Mom or Dad - That’s something you’re going to wish you had some day. Or the sweat and soreness of a tough workout while you're physically capable of it.  Or your health in general and how you go to sleep without chronic pain, or how you don’t have any difficulty breathing. These are all things that we may have in our life that we don’t think twice about, and they deserve more credit. 

It’s important to draw your attention to these small things because it initiates a cascade of gratitude that compounds and picks up momentum in your favor. When you train your brain and body to acknowledge more of the good, which surrounds you at all moments, it will begin to attract more of it in creative and valuable ways. And those things that seem like they’re going wrong? Well you can overwhelmingly counteract them with all of the examples of how things are going right, and start to build new associations and understandings that will help you overcome them. 

So I encourage you to take a 30 seconds right now to think about how much is going right for you in life, as small and simple as they might be, so that you can appreciate those elements before they’re gone.

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