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May 23, 2021

SISD #52 - Soul Intuition with Danette May

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Topics Covered:

  • Soul Writing - Ask yourself the question ”What would you have me know?” in order to allow divine intelligence to flow through you and into your life
  • The Rise - The greatest thing you can ever do is to take 100% responsibility for yourself and turn your mess into your message
  • Visualization - Picturing your future creates a metaphysical connection with what you want and allows you to bring it to life

Highlight Quotes:

  • “Listening to what your soul’s call is and stepping into it no matter what is my definition of success.”
  • “You are 100% responsible for your success. No one is taking it away from you.”
  • “The body goes where the mind tells it.”
  • “Consciousness wants to experience life through you.”

About Danette:

Danette May is America's leading health and fitness expert. She is also the founder of Mindfulness LLC and Earth Echo Foods. But before all of the success and awareness she's generated, Danette was truly struggling and hit rock bottom. Her incredible message of turning your mess into your message is detailed in her booke "The Rise" and her soon-to-be-released book "Embrace Abundance".


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