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May 15, 2018

Managing Distractions with Jake Jordan

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We are going to be listening to Jake Jordan who is the co-host of the YouTube Channel, "The unlearned show".

" Hey there. This is Jake Jordan, and this tip is going to be about distraction. Distraction is one of the most distinctly unique things we go through in the twenty-first century. So much that is right out in front of us. Depending on what research you read, in a typical business day we lose 3.5-5 hours a day just on distraction. So that means you might work two hours a day. Isn't that crazy? That is when it becomes so critical to spend our time on things that we know will help us produce outcomes. Good news is distraction can be overcome with one surgical chest move in your day. It is called time-blocking or schedule everything. Get a calendar and schedule all of the important things in your day. I know that sounds tedious, and like there is too much to it. So, her is the shortcut. If you do not want to schedule everything, Take the most productive hour of your day, and do your most important tasks. That is it. That is the whole thing. Take your two or three biggest things to accomplish and try to do it in that one hour and I guarantee you will get more done tomorrow. So, go out, find that hour, and do that work".

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