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January 29, 2019

Bad Day or Just 30 Bad Minutes?

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Lets dive into understanding those things that ruin your day. Is it really the end of the world, is it something big that needs resolving, or is it just a minor inconvenience?  

First, know that It’s perfectly okay to be upset. It’s a normal and natural response, and it shouldn’t be repressed because that only sets yourself up for more troubles in the future. Knowing the gravity of your concern must also be kept in perspective.

Don’t let something ruin your day when it’s not worth it. Here is a checklist to run through to evaluate the severity of the situation. What are the immediate implications, meaning how urgent is it that the situation is remedied? How significant are the implications? Does it really weigh heavy on the spectrum of things to address? Are the next action steps within your control, and what mentality do you choose to take in response?

Sure, something could be the pain of your existence for 30 minutes, but don’t let it ruin your day if it isn’t worthy. Take control of your problems, treat them accordingly, and give everything the attention it deserves.

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