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September 21, 2019

SISD #10 - Mind Body Health with Dr. Jen Esquer

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Topics Covered:

  • Mobility: Foundation for all other movement. Ex: Baby Development. Awareness of legs and arms -> Bringing feet to mouth -> Crawling -> Walking -> Picking things up
  • Root Cause Identification: Everything is interconnected. Feelings of discomfort and pain are signals that something is off in the body. Identifying
  • Breath for Autonomic Nervous System: Inhalation channels the sympathetic system, exhalation channels the parasympathetic system.
  • Lymph Massage: Focus on breath. Massage very lightly 1) under the rib cage 2) directly on the sternum 3) under the collarbones.

Highlight Quotes:

  • “If you’re a baby, mobility is a developmental milestone. We put our toes in our mouths, before we even start to crawl.”
  • “I can talk all day long, and show you how to do mobility exercises. But until you understand why it would be important in your body, there’s no shot that you would add it in.”
  • “Understand that me moving into [mobility] on a daily basis, is literally the longevity of my life. Is literally the opportunity to play with my grandkids one day. To be able bend down and pick things up. To not have braces, canes, and things that will restrict my ability to move as I get older.”
  • “The ability to turn on the parasympathetic system even when we’re in a state of stress, that’s what helps to lower inflammatory markers, lower that sensitivity to pain, gets us feeling in our bodies, and moving so much better.”
  • “Your body’s ability to feel pain is a beautiful thing. It’s an alarm system that we get to take advantage of.”
  • “We usually listen to what other people have to say. But we neglect knowing that we’re worthy to listen to, taking the time to listen to our own bodies.”

About Dr. Jen:

Dr. Jen is a doctor in physical therapy and a self made entrepreneur known for promoting healthy through mobility and whole body therapy. Doc Jen has done an amazing job growing a following on Instagram, where she is best known for her handstands and calisthenics. She is the creator of the Mobility Method and the Optimal Body programs where she has helped thousands of people regain quality of life through proper, functional movement. She’s an absolute expert when it comes to mind, body, and holistic health.

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