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November 4, 2022

Be Intentional With Your Attention

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Have you heard the expression “where attention goes, energy flows” before? The core concept in this is that it matters where you choose to put your focus. If you choose to pay attention to the drama of reality TV shows and gossip magazines, you’re going to create more drama in your life. Alternatively if you put more attention into healthy habits you’re going to experience better health.

There’s a very simple and linear relationship between things. What goes in affects what comes out, and your attention dictates a lot of what you’re allowing into your life. In this way, attention is a fuel source. It adds energy to whatever your point of focus is on, causing it to grow. As described before this is true for all objects of your attention, good and not so good.

Not only does your attention make an impact in the moment, but it also creates a lens that you see the world through after the moment has passed. This is a form of attentional residue and it shapes the way you perceive the world around you.

Understanding this linear relationship and the implications of it, you can leverage it to improve your life! By being intentional about what you’re putting your time, energy, and focus into (which is your attention), you can start bearing more fruits of that in your life.

For example - Let’s say there’s a person in your life that hasn’t been a priority for you recently. In reaching out and giving that relationship attention, the world shifts to grow that relationship. It could lead to being in better touch and more involved in each other’s lives, scheduling a call to catch up, or even coordinating to spend time together in person. All of that comes as a byproduct of you placing your attention on that relationship.

Or another example - Let’s say you want to increase your income. You can start putting your time, effort, and energy into things that make you money. And guess what happens… You start to make more money! Your attention dictates your actions but also the perspective you carry where you’re more likely to see income-generating opportunities well after your immediate focus has gone.

So whatever you want to play a more prominent role in your life - Income, dating, health, education - You simply need to be intentional about giving that thing more of your attention. My recommendation is to determine a core activity you can commit to and let the results handle themselves.

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