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February 16, 2021

Breaking Down Encouragement

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In order to understand what 'encouragement' is we first need to talk about its applications. When someone is indecisive about something, you want to encourage them to take next steps. If someone is afraid, you encourage them to step through it. When someone steps into their own, you encourage them to continue pursuing that. Encouragement is about giving hope or support to someone else so that they are more emotionally prepared to take action.

If you put it this way encourage literally has the words “in courage". It’s offering someone the strength and courage they need to proceed, which begs the question, "When is courage required?" The definition of courage is “strength in the face of pain or grief; The ability to do something that frightens one.” 

The fascinating thing about encouragement is that nothing changes outside of your mindset, your willingness to face off with the fear you’re feeling. It’s the exact same challenge, with the same road ahead of you, but a little bit of encouragement gives you the lift you need to have a new perspective toward what scares you and persevere through the emotions that are holding you back. 

To summarize, encouragement is literally to offer courage so that someone is more willing and mentally prepared to take action in the face of fear. And it helps you to embrace discomfort, which we all know is the greatest catalyst to our growth.

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