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February 14, 2019

Make an Effort

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The bottom line to making an effort is that you need to try. It’s all about your intentions. This is demonstrated by the amount of energy you put into something which shows your commitment and prioritization, because it is worth your energy.  

However, there are different ways to try, and that’s what I want to jump into.

First, is to be present. Making an effort to plan around a certain person or event indicates that you are doing everything you can to be a part of it. The obvious implication is that you took the time to organize and prioritize the event, which is a true dedication to making something work in your life. 

But, you can make an effort by demonstrating how much you care without being present. This might be best explained in an example. Let’s say you’re invited to a birthday party, but you can’t make it because of a scheduling conflict. You can still make an effort by playing a role in planning the party, sending a gift that makes you part of the event, or by calling in and including yourself in the excitement before the event and the reflection after the event. That’s all people really care about, that you care, and you can show that without being there.

So, make an effort simply by trying. But, try in the way that is most practical given the event. Anything in life requires efforts, especially relationships, and your presence and best wishes are a form of support that will strengthen your bonds.

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