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February 17, 2020

Say "Thank You" Morning and Night

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Do you want to do something that will change your life overnight?

It’s as simple as saying thank you. While it’s short, thank you is one of the most powerful expressions in the world. It’s a positive acknowledgment for a benefit received. The benefit can take many forms, a favor someone does for you, a hard lesson learned, a decision you make that you know is for the best. There are happenings everywhere in our life that deserve acknowledgment for the influence they are having in our development.

But, the game changer is a habit practiced by a mentor of mine, David Meltzer. When David wakes up, the first thing he does in the morning is he says thank you. He says thank you for the opportunity to have another day, for the past experiences that led him to today, and for the potential of what’s to come. Then again, right before he puts his head down at night, he says thank you for everything that happened that day, the joy it brought him, the growth he experienced, and the progress he has made. It’s a grounding practice rooted in gratitude and humility. By saying thank you, David chooses to take no credit for the events that transpired, further asserting his faith in the process and growing deeper into his practice. 

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