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October 11, 2020

SISD #36 - Asking Different Questions with Naveen Jain

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Topics Covered:

  • Moonshots - Crazy ideas, limitations people experience are placed on themselves. People don’t dream because told not to be curious.
  • Sensors - Limited in what we can perceive does not mean other things don’t exist. Reality is based on the sensors we’re given to perceive. That can be enhanced.
  • Asking different questions - Challenge assumptions and probe to the root of the issue that really needs to be solved, allowing you to identify alternative ways to solve the problem that haven’t been considered before. Why this, why now, why me.
  • Generate your own opinion - Experts are too close to the issue, gather your own unique opinion to inform a new way of thinking about the information
  • Human Potential - Technology accelerating at a crazy rate, major problems will be solved soon. People won’t suffer from chronic diseases. Resources will be abundant

Highlight Quotes:

“When you tell someone what you’re about to be doing and they don’t think it’s a crazy idea that means your not thinking big enough.”

“The less you know about an industry, the better off you are in terms of disrupting it.”

“Never live in the world as is, live in the world you want to create for yourself and humanity.”

“The question you ask is the problem you solve.”

“Can we live forever? There’s nothing that says there’s a boundary that says how long we can live. It is just that we have never experienced it so we say it is not believable.”

About Naveen

Naveen Jain is a billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist who arrived to the United States from India with only $5 in his pocket. He has succeeded in a variety of different business and industries including Viome, Moon Express, Blue Dot, and Info.Space. Naveen is also the author the book "Moonshots" about dreaming big.


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