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October 10, 2022

How Might I?

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When it comes to being a better person, or improving at anything, you need to control your patterns of thinking. Our thinking is simply the process of asking and answering questions to ourselves, and if we want to start having better answers in our life we need to start asking better questions.

This might be one of the best ways to ask questions that positively impact your life as 'How might I?' questions.

How might I get a raise at work? How might I be a better friend or romantic partner? How might I get in the best shape of my life? How might I become a more resilient person? How might I love myself more?

Psychologically this expression ‘how might I’ does some incredible things. The word ‘might’ allows you to truly dream and brainstorm without restriction because it isn't meant to be connected to reality. It doesn’t suggest any commitment from you, and therefore, your mind doesn’t resist it because it doesn't feel threatened. 

Without this expression you’d engage in a more diluted form of thinking, which creates diluted outcomes. But with an easy change in vocabulary you can get rid of the governor that hold you back so you can more forward faster!

Now let's add on a layer.  Let’s say you are doing some goal setting and you really want to maximize the experience. On top of asking yourself ‘How might I’ questions, I’d recommend that you also go into a new inspiring environment. What this does is it removes any previous associations you have with your normal spaces and allows you to really engross yourself in the possibility of your answers!

Let me show you what I mean by asking you your first question to reflect on - How might you finally conquer that thing that’s always been holding you back? 

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