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November 5, 2019

How Stubbornness Helped Andy Grammer Succeed

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What we are hearing a snippet of someone who has been really inspirational to me and my development, but through unconventional means. It’s the musician Andy Grammer, popular for songs like “Gotta keep your head up” and “It’s fine by me”. He’s always had a really contagious and positive vibe. But, he hasn’t always been a mega success. Check out this snippet that Andy shared on Lewis Howes podcast “School of Greatness” about what it was like before he made it.

Isn’t that crazy to think an international star was once playing on the street with a bucket in front of him collecting change. It’s a welcome reminder that, no matter where we are in life, our breakthrough could be just around the corner. And what stood out about this also was, he knew what he wanted and he was prepared to pursue it relentlessly. Grammer went on to say that sometimes, with the law of attraction the universe finally gives up and says, “fine, we’ll let him have it”.

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