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September 19, 2021

SISD #58 - Do Good and Do Well with Carrie Rich

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Topics Covered:

  • How To Empower - You need to give others the agency to be creative and autonomous. Your role is to support so that others can  bring their best.
  • Diversity Is Objectively Best - The economic impact of diversity is proven, not to mention the social impact.
  • Do Good, Do Well - You can make a difference while making money. Money accelerates the mission.

Highlight Quotes:

  • “There’s great talent and opportunity that’s distributed evenly all over, but the resources and networks to bring those ideas to life are not equally distributed.”
  • “Being exposed to the way other people live makes us better.”
  • “If you don’t invest in yourself you can’t expect others to invest in you.”
  • “Becoming a parent forced me to be crystal clear about what I care about. My values are playing out before my children’s eyes and they’re soaking it in.”

About Carrie:

Carrie Rich is the CEO and Founder of the Global Good Fund and the Global Impact Fund. She is a prolific philanthropist and investor making a serious positive impact on the world.


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