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March 17, 2021

Have a PM Bookend

Listen Now:

Earlier this week was Daylight Savings Time, and I want to make a habit of leveraging it for the rest of my life. Whether we’re springing forward like we just did or falling back, we can use it as an opportunity to think about our morning and evening routines and how they’re serving this. I already have strong routines but there is always room for improvement, so I am challenging myself to incorporate a stronger routine that minimizes technology usage at night.

Why is this even important? Well, it’s because your evening sets you up for your next day even more than you think. One of the most important elements of a productive day is your energy, and if you don’t put yourself in a good position to get a lot of rest then you start your day playing catchup.

The founder of Optimize and former interview guest Brian Johnson calls this having a PM bookend. Basically, what is your nightly routine and how is it designed to set you up for an impactful tomorrow? I’ve taken this to heart and this weekend I strengthened my evening routine to ensure that I’m more set up for my next day, both from an energy standpoint but also in preparation and in my priorities. 

I made a video where I take you around my room and show you the specific decisions I made to not only choose how I want to spend my time, but make it easier for me to do so on a consistent basis.  Find out how to check out that video by visiting www.selfimprovementdailytipos.com/resources/pm-bookend.

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