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January 10, 2021

SISD #43 - Attitude of Gratitude with Ricky Mendez

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Topics Covered

  • Rewiring Our Brains - The process of neuroplasticity is more affected by consistent action, not the intensity of the action
  • TFAR - Thoughts create feelings which inspire actions that drive results. Control your thoughts and you’ll put yourself in a state to perform how you want to
  • Prosperity Habits - Creating systems and triggers in your environment to influence your decision making
  • Reframing Failure and Rejection - In the face of failure our ego tries to get us to stop trying out of self-preservation. But we often overestimate the consequences of failure.

Highlight Quotes

  • “The universe will not reward scale it will reward consistency.”
  • “I believe the world has a happiness problem and we’re putting ourselves in disempowering states.”
  • “The brain is an organ but it acts more like a muscle. It needs practice.”
  • “Show me someone who hasn’t failed and I’ll show you someone who hasn’t done anything.”

About Ricky

Ricky is a former professional baseball player and an elite salesperson with a rock solid mindset. He is an incredible and emerging speaker, who isn't  motivational or inspirational, but rather he’s implementational meaning that those who he interacts with feel conditioned and prepared to take action in their life.


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