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August 11, 2021

Define Your Ideal

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I want to walk you through a process that is intuitive, but it’s not something we think to do. In our lives we are constantly making decisions. These decisions are contextual and influenced by a variety of things - Our emotional state, our subconscious wiring, and our short term and long term rationalizations. Often we find ourselves making decisions out of integrity of who we want to be because the more impulsive voices are louder than our voice of reason. But in order to know what is within our integrity, so that our actions can map to it, we need to clearly define what our ideal is.

The secret to it is you need to take time to establish who you want to be in an unemotional, matter of fact state of mind. Viewing yourself as a third party that sets certain standards allows you to get the core of what your tolerances are. If you have a tendency to do things you know are unhealthy, like drinking too much, eating poor food, or not exercising enough, you can determine what your ideal relationship with that area of your life is. If you find yourself scrolling on social media for too long at night and it compromises your sleep, you can set expectations about when and for how long you want to be on it. 

It’s extremely empowering to wipe the slate clean and decide for yourself how you want to live your life, your ideal life, because you can. We all are capable of making changes. They may be painful, or uncomfortable. They may or make you feel imposter syndrome. But know that the discomfort is there because it’s rewiring your subconscious to be more like the person you want to be and the ideal you are choosing to strive toward.

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