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May 5, 2021

You Cannot Fake The Truth

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Amidst all of the liars and cheaters and hypocrites in the world, there is one universal law - You cannot fake the truth. Sure, you could be convincing in telling an alternate story, and it’s very possible that other people will believe you, but sharing anything but the truth has consequences that will come back in one form or another.

The reason being, you know what the truth is. You can lead someone else to genuinely believe anything, but you can’t persuade yourself to do the same. And that disconnect puts off an energy that influences your environment and brings more of it back into your life, you start experiencing indirect repercussions. Some people call it "karma", some people call it “getting what you deserve”, but I don’t think this phenomenon deserves a positive or negative label. It’s a “just is” of the world.

And you probably already knew this. You were probably told from a young age to always tell the truth, and you have to appreciate the wisdom in that. It’s an important lesson that has been passed down so that we know how to properly relate with this universal law.

The caveat is, sometimes there’s a good reason not to tell the truth. Call it a white lie. Your partner feels insecure about something so you say something that makes them feel better about it. Your boss asks about progress at work and you tell him or her that you’ve already got it done when maybe you have it on the list to do today. While these are small non-truthful statements, remember it’s about the energy associated with them. And that energy resides in your intentions - What was your reason for saying it, and how can you deliver and affirm that reason.

The truth is exactly as it is, you can’t make it up or fake it, and you’re always held accountable to it.

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