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August 5, 2020

You CAN Change Someone's Life with Adam Braun

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In my core, I truly believe you can change someone's life for the better. I have been incredibly inspired by the Founder of the non-profit Pencils Of Promise, Adam Braun, particularly his book called “The Promise of a Pencil” where he chronicles the formation of his world changing organization Pencils of Promise. The beautiful part about Adam's journey is that the impact he created is relatable to everyone. It started small, one individual at a time, and has grown to affect thousands!

Every single one of us can make a difference. We’re all capable of inconveniencing ourselves a little to provide a lot for someone else. And it’s not even an inconvenience, it’s an aligned decision, and it gives you taste of what you have to offer. Adam’s career is a testament to everyone’s personal capacity for service, and his example has inspired me to take a larger role of service in my life.

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