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May 24, 2021

You Are Capable

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As kids we grew up constantly learning what we we’re capable of - What we can do, what we can’t do - and necessarily so because people like parents and teachers knew more than we did. We didn’t know that it could hurt going down the stairs until we fell, or that strangers shouldn’t always be trusted. But thankfully we had formative figures in our lives that taught us lessons to help us avoid those issues.

Now as an adult, it’s not all too different. You’d probably agree that you often feel like a kid in a grown up body. We still hardly know what we’re doing, we don’t always know the right decision to make, and when that happens we turn back to our childhood days. We look to others to determine how to respond, we’re still waiting to be told what we can and can’t do, and it’s holding us back.

That’s why I wanted to tell you today - You are capable. You can do it all by yourself. I don’t mean to say that we know everything about everything, but I am saying that we don’t need to rely on others to teach us what we need to know, we have the agency to pursue it ourselves and identify where we need to fill in the gaps of our understanding.

That’s what "capability" means - The ability, fitness, or quality necessary to do or achieve a specified thing. It doesn’t mean you have it all figured out today. It means you have the resourcefulness to figure out what you need to access to get it done eventually. And when you start recognizing that you aren’t a kid any more, and see yourself as the ultimate decision maker (and that your decisions generate real impact), you’ll realize that you are limitless.

But just in case that inner child is still looking for permission to dream big and spread their wings, I can give you that permission. You are capable.

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