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May 13, 2019

Create Lists with Post-It Notes

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 I was on the phone with Lulu Yanez, a motivated and self-driven woman with a booming Instagram page, who shared with me a technique she uses. She stores all of her content ideas and impressions on post-it notes that she sticks to the door in her room.  Her door is filled with ideas, and it is a great reservoir of thoughts that she can tap into any time she needs to!

I decided to give the same concept a try at work, but with organizing my task list. I created three sections for me to put post it notes and organize my to-do’s.  Things that are urgent, things that are ongoing, and things that are completed.

I think this method really worked for me, and here is why. First, using post it notes and keeping them on my desk has allowed me to easily refer to my next objective, eliminating the down time between working on tasks. It also helps me reduce disruptions and distractions. Also, as random thoughts or tasks pop into my head, I can write it down immediately and take care of it later, instead of dropping what I’m doing to address it. If certain task are too big, I can write them onto separate post its, creating a natural plan of attack instead of being overwhelmed by a larger goal.

In sum, it’s rewarding finishing a task and moving it to the completed section, thereby validating the effort I put in and helping me keep track of how much I am getting done!

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