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November 15, 2020

SISD #39 - Starving the Ego with Mark Divine

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Topics Covered:

  • What Leadership Looks Like and What It Actually Is - Leadership situations come about when people come together to accomplish something in an imperfect but optimized way, which requires authenticity.
  • World Centric Leadership - Allowing goodness into your life to overwrite negative conditioning and expand your inclusiveness.
  • Feeding The Courage Wolf - How our default state is to be fearful and we need to participate in certain practices to starve the fear wolf before we can feed the courage wolf.
  • The Value Of Box Breathing - An effective physiological reset that primes the body to take intentional action.

Highlight Quotes:

  • “Leaders often become the limiting factors in their teams.”
  • “Even in your relationship with yourself, you’re a leader.”
  • “I have this belief that we’re born with all the qualities of a Buddha or a Jesus, they’re just obscured by the negative conditioning.”
  • “If you’re not training yourself the world is training you.”

About Mark:

Commander Mark Divine served 20 years in the US military as a Navy Seal both on active duty and as a reserve. Navy Seals are known for being some of the toughest people on the planet, and Mark endured and overcame major physical and emotional challenges by pairing incredible mental toughness with spirituality. Mark is a best-selling author writing books titled, “Way of the Seal”, "Staring Down the Wolf", and “Unbeatable Mind”. He is also the founder of SEALFIT, which simulates the Navy Seal hell week and helps people strengthen their mind and body to elite levels.


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