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May 13, 2020

What Is Your Purpose?

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What is your purpose?

To me, purpose is what we’re all searching for. It’s the cause or area of service that lights you up every time you’re in it. It’s the combination of your interests, strengths, and causes that perfectly come together to get you feeling aligned and fulfilled. And when we’re working within our purpose, we find a flow that allows you to pour everything you have into whatever you’re working on in the most meaningful and fulfilling way.

I imagine you’ve experienced micro-moments of this throughout your life, where you’ve felt an incredible buzz or energy that makes you feel truly alive, and like you matter.

We need this more often! I think we’ve all created a story in our heads, which has been fed by the social norms we’ve come to accept, that prevents us from dreaming about pursuing our true purpose because it’s not practical.

Well guess what? That’s not the truth. That’s what you’ve been telling yourself, and the second you lift that expectation you’ll find that you’re actually ready to discover your purpose.

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