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January 10, 2022


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Something I learned in my favorite personal development app, Optimize, is the acronym WOOP. WOOP is meant to be used as a visualization technique to help with preparing and planning to achieve your goals. There are 4 steps to WOOP - Wish. Outcome. Obstacles. Plan. The idea is that you walk yourself sequentially through each of these prompts to maximize your ability to achieve something meaningful.

W - The wish is what you want. This is the goal you set, or the accomplishment you’re pursuing. First bring that to mind to remember what it’s all for.

Then O - This is the outcome, but specifically the emotional experience of it. Imagine that you achieved your goal, you did it! What would that feel like and how would you celebrate it? Visualize that.

Then another O. Think about the obstacles that you may encounter between today and that moment you just pictured. Pinpoint what might be the root of the doubts you’ll have along the way, the difficult phases of the process, and acknowledge them.

Then finally P. Plan how you will overcome these obstacles. If you encounter a certain thing or feel a certain way, and instead of letting that derail you,  how would you ideally respond to that obstacle?

I’ve incorporated the WOOP visualization method into my morning meditation to help grow my confidence and certainty that I can win the day and make meaningful progress on what’s important to me. I really encourage you to give it a try, and I’ll leave you with this question - When are you going to try the WOOP visualization method?

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