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October 15, 2020

“Once you carry your own water, you will learn the value of every drop.”

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To me, this quote embodies a mindset of gratitude. So often we go through life without acknowledging the blessings that are around us because they are merely there by circumstance. We take these things for granted, but when we take responsibility for these elements, and become more mindful of the processes that provide it for us, we start to realize how lucky we really are. By carrying the weight of the task, and experiencing for yourself the effort required to produce the result, you’ll develop a new level of respect for everything that goes into it.

For example, think about taking out the trash. You take 30 seconds to move your trash bags to the bin, once a week you put the bins out on the street and the trash is gone for good. But what isn’t acknowledged is the process and full mechanism behind managing your trash, and it may be a utility you take for granted. Or the mail, and how it travels thousands of miles seemingly without effort in order to arrive to your door. It’s not so easy when you make the trip yourself.

More appropriately for personal development, let’s liken the quote to education. You can go on the internet and find a blog or podcast or book that answers your specific question. It’s so easy! But then you try to write a book or blog and you realize the work that’s required to produce that asset for you. In that way you get a glimpse of the true value of it and have a newfound respect for your access to education.

So take yourself seriously, invest in yourself, carry your own water just to know how heavy it is, because then you’ll know what it’s like and you’ll appreciate it more.

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