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March 2, 2022

Mirrors Are Just Glass And You Are More Than That

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I read a message from Brittany Burgunder the other day that really stood out to me. Brittany is a coach that specializes in supporting people with eating disorders, which makes this quote that much more meaningful. The quote is “Mirrors are just glass and you are more than that.”

It’s funny as a society we have this odd obsession over mirrors. Movies use it to cue introspection and deep thinking, there are countless lessons that use mirrors as a metaphor, and even Michael Jackson wrote one of my favorite songs of all time about it. But if you place your sense of value on what you see in the mirror you’re doing yourself a disservice. You are so much more than what is physically reflected in a mirror, and that’s what I’d challenge you to consider.

Let’s go one layer deeper and look beyond the zits, wrinkles, and imperfections of our body that are most prominent in our reflection. Let’s look in our own eyes and see the energy and emotion of our being. Let’s see scars as representations of our life history. At face value a mirror is just glass that reflects light, but it also serves as a portal into our soul and everything about us that can’t be observed by the eye.

You are more than what meets the eye. No one knows your intentions like you do, which makes you the judge and jury of your actions. No one knows your pain like you do, which means that you must be empathetic to yourself because you’re the only person that truly understands. The depth of your humanity is radiant, and anyone who wants to place labels, assumptions, and biases on you based on the little they know about you is woefully uninformed. They see you at face-value but you can give them the gift of learning more about you if you’re open to it.

Yes, a mirror is just glass, but it can become much more. With that in mind I’d like you to reflect on this - When was the last time you let someone see you for who you are?

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