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June 4, 2024

How I'm Relating With The Value I Offer

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In an effort to make self-improvement more relatable, I want to share a personal example of how I’ve been working through something that has really been holding me back. If you’ve ever felt like an imposter, low on self-confidence, or like what you do isn’t good enough, this is especially for you.

Our beliefs serve as the unconscious filter that everything in our life passes through. Solidified over years of feedback, lessons, and learnings, our beliefs are responsible for the immediate meaning that we take out of what we experience.

Here’s one way this concept has been showing up in my life - Over the last few months I’ve been aware of a belief I have that I don’t offer enough value in my work. To compensate for this belief I’ve found that I do two things.

1) I compulsively over deliver on everything I do to make sure I’m delivering enough value (which is good!)

2) I have a tendency to overload things to try and create more opportunity for value (which actually decreases value because it makes the best stuff harder to find).

And interestingly, I’ve observed this belief in action in an odd way. When I receive a text from a client or someone who is paying for my support, I automatically assume it’s bad news.

My mind defaults to thinking they’re upset or they want to cancel. All from just a notification that I received a text from them.

Of course I don’t want this to be my reality and my unconscious filter, so for a few months I’ve been working on it. As part of the daily high-performance review and reflection I do at the end of every day, I’ve been prompting myself to find one instance that suggests I’m giving ridiculous value in my work.

This means every day I’m training my mind to see all of the reasons why I’m great at what I do and how much it changes people’s lives. The way that our belief system shifts is through evidence. For months I’ve been stacking evidence to support the new belief, that I’m giving ridiculous value in my work, so that I begin to see it unconsciously too.

And, so that someday soon when I get a text from a client my gut-reaction is “they’re texting me about a huge win in their life” rather than thinking they’re upset about something.

Honestly that’s more often the case, and it’s the way I want to think because it inspires me to be bigger and bolder in my mission to change lives and change the world!

No one is above this work! I hope you realize that. And know that the more we allow ourselves to show up for it, the better we get! If you want to check out my daily performance review / routine, watch this video where I run you through it top to bottom!

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