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July 17, 2018

Have a Passion Project

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As a kid, do you remember hearing the expression “you can be whatever you want to be”? Even though I’m not a professional athlete, or an author, , I still love playing sports and writing! I understand that life happens and it’s not always practical to be whatever you want to be, but that doesn’t mean you should stop working on things you love.

Lets discuss the importance of having a passion project. Whether that means you have an art studio in your house, a business on the side, or a self-care hobby, it is important to stay in touch with things you are passionate about.  

Beyond your extrinsic reasons, having a passion project will motivate you to be productive and efficient during the day so you can get to something you really enjoy. This outlet will also energize you because it wakes up your brain and stimulates your body. It also will get you in the habit of putting more effort into your work.

To start pursuing your passion, you first need to know what you’re passionate about. Simply reflect on your 5 happiest moments this past year and what caused that emotion. Then find a way to tie into your daily activity.

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