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September 29, 2023

Feeling Too Tired To Be At Your Best?

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I want to touch on something that a lot of people struggle with that is completely avoidable. If you relate with this at all, know that you’re not alone, and you’re just a small shift away from things being better. If you don’t relate with it, the perspective will be just as valuable.

Many ambitious, smart, motivated people fall short of who they know they can be on a daily basis. The demands of the day at work, in their personal life, and managing other responsibilities exhausts them. This causes people to just try to get through the day and they get nowhere near making the most of it. 

It also causes them to neglect important things that they want to do - like exercising, eating healthy, being more present with loved ones, reading and learning more - but for whatever reason they just can’t prioritize it or bring themselves to doing it.

This isn’t a reflection of anyone’s capabilities or character. It’s a design problem. If you’re living life beyond your current capacity it’s because the design of your life is pushing you beyond it.

Living through a cycle of being stretched beyond capacity puts you further in the hole, making it that much harder to climb out of. Sleep deprivation makes it harder to get things done throughout the day to go to sleep at a normal time. Not taking care of your health and fitness makes you more worn out after a workout. This becomes even more demanding when you take into account that this makes you start to fall behind on things, adding stress to your life that takes up additional energy you don’t have enough of.

The hardest part is, as the gap expands between where you currently are and where you want to be, you lose hope that you can get fully back on track and escape the disappointing cycle you’re in.

But again, this isn’t about you or suggest that there’s anything wrong with you. It’s a design issue. Right now the design of your life is making it too easy to neglect what’s important and get caught up in what’s non-essential.

So how do you change the design of your life? 

Well the first step is awareness. Understand the factors that are creating instability. You can achieve this by being more observant of your day and asking the right questions. 

Then, you need to create a new plan - one that can accommodate everything you want to do without having negative consequences. But knowing that you’ll fall short of perfection on your first attempt, once you try out the plan you need to get pointed feedback about the plan. Dissect the results that came from it so that you can improve your plan.

It’s an iterative process but you’ll be surprised to see how quickly you can learn and improve. And if you want to start feeling on fire, crush your daily habits, stop falling behind, and have the energy you need to be fully present at work and with your loved ones, you should check out the Super Habits System.

In just 21 days you kickstart momentum in your life, get more accomplished in a day than you ever did with a new task organizational system, and learn a process that will keep you at the top of your game no matter how chaotic life gets. More information about it here!

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