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September 28, 2020

Facing Opposition

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A very misunderstood topic is this idea of opposition. Just seeing the word 'opposition' probably triggers you to get into some kind of defensive mode, and I don’t think that’s necessary or productive. Having opposition is usually representative of someone or something that is trying to limit you or prevent you from reaching a goal or accomplishment. It seems like their existence is meant to directly contradict you.

Well that’s exactly right. Opposition is merely a summary of the term “opposite position”. But instead of framing it so adversarially we can think through the implications of what it means about you if you’re facing opposition.

It means you’re pursuing something you believe in.  No matter what you do there is always going to be someone with the completely opposite opinion, but don’t let the existence of that keep you from standing up for what you think is right. When you are confronted with opposition it means that you are behaving in a way that puts yourself out of your comfort zone, in front of your opposition, which will allow you to grow within that particular belief as well as holistically. 

And when you face opposition, it’s an opportunity to learn. I think society’s fatal flaw right now is that we are unwilling to empathize with the opposing side and try to understand why they think the way they do. This goes from big political issues to daily choices. And in my opinion, as long as there is conflict then there an opportunity to stimulate conversation, which can lead to resolution.

The punchline is - Don’t fear opposition. There will always be opposition. Choose the right perspective when it comes to your opposition and use it as a vehicle to grow.

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