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February 6, 2019

"Every day is a fresh start, start the day with a thankful heart."

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If you think about it, unless we take a nap, our days begin when we open our eyes in the morning and ends when we shut them at night. So, waking up really is the first thing that we do every single day, and in those first moments we have the opportunity to set the tone for the day.  What tone should we choose to set?

A day filled with gratitude, positivity, and contentment.

With the right mindset, starting every day with a fresh start could serve as all the motivation we need. It’s all about how we frame it.

First scenario, we had a bad day yesterday.  A fresh start will help us leave those challenges behind us and gives us hope that today will be better. We can realize that today is unrelated to yesterday and we can refocus our attention on the actionable parts of today.

Or, maybe we had a great day yesterday. And in this new day, we can try to duplicate our success. This pursuit motivates us all over again, as we have to start again from scratch, but this time with a template. Fortunately for us, positivity and positive momentum is much more likely to be carried into the next day with this mentality, and we should always leverage that if possible.

But In either of those cases, remember that a fresh start is a mentality, requiring that we believe things to be a certain way. Gratitude and appreciation as our first thought of the day sets the tone for the day and can be central to our daily success.

So, every day is a fresh start, wake up with a thankful heart.

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