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November 27, 2018

Do Something For Yourself

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Okay I’m going to ask you a question. The question is, What do you enjoy doing?

Your default answer might have been something like “I work out” or “I genuinely enjoy my personal projects”, but those are not acceptable answers, and here is why. We live in a society that emphasizes productivity and efficiency, and we reason that what is productive is what also brings us joy. I’m guiltier than anyone about this, but I want us to set that aside and focus on the raw version of this. What do we genuinely do for ourselves? Can you even think of the last time you did something like that?

Well, lets talk about do something for yourself. The first step to doing something for yourself is figuring out what that is. If you have the time, take yourself through a little brainstorm. What are your hobbies? When are you happiest? What do you wish you could make time for? Do some soul searching on not only what brings you joy, but why that brings you joy.

Whether it’s watching Netflix reruns of your favorite TV show, playing with your dog, or taking a long shower, give yourself that moment to fuel your mind and body with exactly what it wants to do. It will be the refreshing push you needed to get the most out of everything else you’ve got going on. We can’t neglect to take care of ourselves. Prioritizing some personal time is an important part of the equation.

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