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December 16, 2019

Controlling Our Internal Messaging

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The power of your internal messaging is a fascinating part about our psyche is that it is responsive to the thoughts we feed it and produces outcomes as a result of that input. It’s similar to the idea of when we force a smile we still release positive neurotransmitters that then contribute in lifting our mood. So, knowing that our brains are strongly influenced by our internal messaging, what can we do about it?

Well, we can control it, which takes me back to this point about my cold that I have been experiencing. Notice how I am not calling myself sick. I am not sick. I do not feel sick, and I am not being kept from doing exactly what I want to do. What you are hearing in my voice is the effect the cold is having on my presentation, which sure is inconvenient, but it doesn’t hold any real power over me. 

With this messaging, I am choosing to frame the symptoms I am experiencing in a way that is under my control. In doing so, my psyche is answering that prompt, realizing my body overall is unaffected, and is helping me to stay motivated and on task, with high-energy.

 A powerful example shared in a previous tip was the way Josh Perry talked about when he had brain tumors. When he spoke about it, internally and externally, he called them “the” brain tumors not “my” brain tumors, because he didn’t want to get complacent in accepting them as part of his being. 

It takes time, but being intentional about the messaging we feed our brains has the opportunity for great downstream impact in our psychology.

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