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April 8, 2022

But What About...

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Recently I saw Coach Daron K Roberts post about something that made me double take. I think the reason it did was because something clicked for me, and I hope in sharing the same can happen for you.

Coach Roberts commented on the “But What Abouts…” of life. Looking to quit your job and go full-time on your side hustle? “But what about having health insurance and benefits.” Looking to set a new goal for yourself? “But what about the last goal you set that you didn’t achieve.” Looking to dive deeper into a passion of yours? “But what about all the time you’ll spend on it.”

You can hear the nature of these 'BWAs', as Coach Roberts calls them. They’re not explicitly telling you not to do it, but they are suggesting that you take more time to ensure you know what you’re getting yourself into. While that is absolutely healthy and something you should do, the BWAs never stop. There will always be another “But what about” scenario to think through, and if you wait until you’re 100% ready, with all concerns addressed... Well that will never happen.

These BWAs can come from two sources. The first is from yourself. I firmly believe that these extra considerations are just rational stall tactics your brain uses to resist the change you’re trying to bring to your life. The second source is other people. But know that they can only see your decisions through their own frame of reference, and the caring concern of others is often the way they project their own insecurities and fears onto you.

Should you make well-thought out decisions? Of course. But can you realistically consider every last detail? Not if you’re trying to get anything done. Life is risky, you must make the leap sometimes without knowing exactly what’s there to catch you. Don’t be held back by the prospect of perfection. To wrap this up, I’d like to ask you this question - How often do you talk yourself out of doing something?

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