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March 29, 2022

Be Better Than "I'm Good"

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First impressions are key to growing strong and meaningful relationships that serve you. Energy is contagious and the way that you approach other people and situations sets the tone for how those interactions are going to go. I’ll explain why here soon, but the next time someone is greeting you and says “How are you doing?” have something better to say than “I’m good”. Be fantastic, extraordinary, on fire - Give them something more to work with!

When we think about making an impression we really only relate it to when you meet someone for the first time. But your energy plays a role in every interaction you have, constantly influencing the dynamic of the relationship and nature of the conversation. With that in mind, it is entirely in your control to shape certain interactions based on the way you approach them. In negotiations Chris Voss, the author of “Never Split The Difference” calls this asserting your frame. This idea applies here - If you want to have more collaborative, enthusiastic, and productive conversations, you can create that yourself simply by how you engage them at the very beginning.

It’s easy to do. Make them excited to be with you and leaning in to learn more. Everyone wants to spend more time with people that make them feel good, who show up with good energy, and if you can accomplish that then other people will be more open to considering the ideas you have to share with them (and ultimately move the needle on getting things done.)

It might feel uncomfortable to be enthusiastic like this at first, but that’s only because it’s new. If it really does feel that out of character then it’s probably because you don’t have that something you’re working on that really lights you up. Go find that and your enthusiasm will be much more authentic, and things will start conspiring in your favor.

Instead of reflecting on this idea let’s implement this topic in your life right now - When someone asks you “how you’re doing?”, what do you want your default response to be? It could be: “Things are amazing”, “Man, things are so good”, “I’m fired up there’s so much good stuff going on!” Those are examples, what’s yours?

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