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February 4, 2020

A Message from Kobe Bryant

Listen Now:

Well, this is special. I came across a recorded message of Kobe Bryant when he wasn’t able to attend an award ceremony, and it almost sounds like it was made to be shared after his unexpected and unfortunate passing. Kobe’s illustrious career earned him elite accolades, titles, and historical recognition, but what is most impressive about Kobe are his methods. He would out work you. He would out work anyone. His singular focus from a very young age, and dedication to putting in the time to improve himself shows all of us that we too can achieve great things.

Central to the message you’re about to hear is his mentioning of doing something you love. The work becomes enjoyable when it’s contributing toward a passion. May Kobe’s legacy live on for generations, and may this be only the beginning of lessons we’ll learn from him as time goes on.

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