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April 11, 2019

A Hack To Starting Your Action Plan

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How often does this happen to you. You hope for big results and create big plans, but then when it comes to start working toward it you don’t know where to start?

That’s me, and just about every big plan I’ve had.

But I’ve gotten better at it over the time, and here’s why

I started slowing down and thinking about the actionable steps that create results.  This often involves setting micro goals, forecasting timelines, and not thinking twice about decisions I’ve already made. In my mind, all of the above and more are all part of creating a cohesive action plan.

Action plans are important because they do exactly mean what they imply. They give you direction on how to go about executing.  An action plan naturally has a hierarchy of priorities that can help you to complete more fundamental components before others and set you up for success.

Still, going through an action plan can be daunting, especially at the beginning, because there is such a long list of things you have to do to get there.

So do you want to hear my personal hack? Add things to your action list that are already completed!  This will shift your psychology on how you approach your list of things to do.  

How does this happen? It’s the endowed progress effect. Basically, if you have already made some form of advancement toward a goal, you will be more motivated to complete the goal because you’ve already made progress. So in this case, having a few things completed on your action plan will help motivate you get to other items in it!

I don’t consider it cheating, I call it working with what you’ve got!

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