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May 8, 2023

Your Previous Best As Your New Normal

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One of the best indicators of the progress we’re making on our self improvement is to take a quick look at how we spend our average day. It’s a meaningful metric because it represents your baseline level of operation. No boost of motivation, no big deadline that you need to hustle to hit… Just you and your daily processes.

Our baseline level is the byproduct of four major things coming -  Habits, standards, systems, and routines.

Habits relate with the specific positive behaviors you engage in consistently. Your standards reflect what you’re willing to tolerate and surround yourself with. Systems allow you to be more efficient in creating high quality outcomes with less effort. And routines are bundles of habits and behaviors that allow you to connect multiple elements of your life and build momentum.

When you improve your habits, standards, systems, and routines, you elevate your baseline. This means that your highs are higher and your lows are higher than they used to be because on your bad days, now you’re falling back to a higher platform. 

This is how your previous best becomes your new normal.

With more discipline, consistency, and clarity in the foundational areas of your life, your average day gets better. It’s really that simple. And as you continue focusing on raising your baseline, it will improve to such an extent that your ‘every day’ is as good as what used to be your ‘best day’.

The problem is that most people miss this opportunity for growth. Instead what they do is strain themselves trying to induce change by 'getting outside their comfort zone', but when they're done exerting themselves and it’s time to recover they just fall back to their old habits, standards, systems, and routines.

This is why people feel stuck and stalled in their self-growth. They feel like they’re putting in the time and effort to grow but then things don’t change in their life. It happens because the effort is being applied to impact the wrong things.

In order to sustainably improve your life, you need to raise your baseline. Improve your habits, establish stronger standards, upgrade your systems, and build powerful routines. If you’re feeling ready to start pursuing your self-growth the right way, with the right structure and guidance so that you start getting fast improvement and results in your life, today (Monday May 8th) is the first day of the 21 day Best Self Breakthrough Challenge. 

And it is not too late to step up to the challenge! If you’re ready to take your self-growth to the next level, these next 21 days will help you to revolutionize your habits, standards, systems, and routines so that you can really start tapping into your fullest potential and getting the results in your health, productivity, relationships, and finances that you deserve.

Click here to step up to the challenge now! (And be sure to use the promo code CHALLENGE21 to lock in a discounted rate!)

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