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May 16, 2022

When You're Feeling Uninspired

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I am guilty of this just like anyone else. There are days when I don’t feel like doing what I’ve committed to. Days when I’m low on motivation, have little enthusiasm, and if I don’t intervene would naturally just waste the day doing things I don’t want to do. Things like spending time on social media, getting caught watching videos, or finding other random chores to feel like I’m productive but really it’s just to occupy my mind and avoid what I don’t feel like doing. Have you been there?

When you’re feeling uninspired like this it can really destroy any momentum you have for the day. The silver lining though is that it’s not permanent. Being uninspired is a feeling, and feelings can change. Being uninspired is simply a temporary emotional state that comes up as a response to the way you’re perceiving your immediate environment. So if you change the way you feel, you can change the way you relate with how you’re feeling.

The first way to change your feelings is to use mindset to reframe the situation. Something that I learned from Jim Bunch that has been game-changing for me is that anything in life is either inspiring you (filling you with energy) or expiring you (draining you of energy). When you set a goal or intention that you’re genuinely excited about, the tactics required to get there have a whole new meaning because there’s a concrete purpose behind doing it. No longer do you view mundane tasks as chores, you see them as stepping stones toward something that makes you excited.

The second way to change your feelings is to change your physical state. Being uninspired is characterized by lethargy and laziness. If you can change your state to be more energetic then those qualities are no longer appropriate within the context. Getting up and moving, dancing, breathing, anything all serves to change your state and in doing so, changes the way you feel.

This is game-changing because I think we all desire a more inspired life, and this is a proven way to achieve it. To finish this thought let me ask you a question - How do you plan to incorporate more inspiration into your life?

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