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January 20, 2021

What It Represents

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I’m starting to think a bit differently about goal-setting and life achievements, and I want to see what you think. It is incredibly motivating to set a far-reaching goal, and it gives you great purpose and determination to pursue that ultimate end. I believe we are capable of and worthy of having what we want in life, but we need to be willing to put in the effort to make it happen, and a solid goal provides you that alignment.

When you do achieve that goal, you feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I want to explore why that’s the case. And what I’ve found is, it’s not about the goal itself, it’s about what achieving that goal represents and means to you.

For example, you summit Mount Everest. Does the sense of accomplishment come from the blizzard view you have at the top, or the acknowledgment of all of the training you put in, how you set your mind to something, and became a person capable of such an incredible feat? Or winning an award. Is it standing on stage and giving a speech, or is it the recognition of your abilities and performance over time, and what that says about your talents. 

I think it’s important that you think a layer or two deeper when it comes to your goal setting because then you can tap into the real reason you’ve chosen that path, the ways that it satisfies and fulfills you, and ultimately, leverage that to push yourself further and challenge yourself to grow.

So I encourage you right now, don’t think about what it is that you want, think about why it is that you want it, and how that is representative of the person you want to be.

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