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June 19, 2020

What Interests You?

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What do you respond when someone asks you “What are you interested in?”

One default answer points in the direction of our careers and what we do for work. But, is that really what you’re interested in? If you’re bored on a weekend, what would you head in to work?

Another default answer is the socially acceptable canned response like,I like travel, I like hanging out with friends, and I like being active. Great, but that doesn’t say anything specific about you.

Let’s dive a layer deeper and think about this question: What interests you? I want you to get as specific as possible.

I want you to come up with 3 things, 3 really, specific, wholeheartedly true things that speak to you today. Put aside what seems to be socially acceptable and tap into your truth. 

After some thought, these are my 3.

I am interested in understanding human behavior and how our evolutionary history, social conditioning, and unique life experience informs our understanding and perspective. I could have simply said psychology.

I am also interested in finding authentic ways to connect with people from different backgrounds in a mutual way, which, for me, often comes through soccer.

And last, I am interested in finding subtle ways to challenge myself, try it, and share with others about it to broaden my perspective and increase my abilities.

That says a whole lot more about me and who I am than the broad responses we usually give. The reason we don’t think about these things is because it’s hard to be vulnerable to yourself and others. On the other side of vulnerability is authentic connection, which is something we all need more of.

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