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July 7, 2023

What Does Your Next Level Look Like?

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So here’s the truth of it - Your life, circumstances, and results are a direct reflection of you. The things around you have been created by you, in conscious and unconscious ways, to perfectly represent the ways your skills, beliefs, and mindsets interface with the world.

This means that if you’re not exactly where you want to be in your health, finances, relationships, or your outlook on life - it’s because of you. And as long as you keep doing the same things and thinking the same ways you’re going to continue manifesting the same circumstances.

I imagine you don’t want to be where you are right now forever. You have dreams and aspirations beyond your current life. You want to explore yourself and the boundaries of who you can be, and what you can accomplish in the world. We’re not meant to sit still, our lives are dynamic and evolving, and if you want all of this change to be an improvement then you need to be really intentional about the direction of your growth. 

With that in mind I want to ask you a very important question - What does your ‘next level’ look like?

We talk about wanting to take things to the next level, but what does that mean for you? Have you defined it? What would that open up for you in your life?

It could be growing in your career or business so that you have more influence, authority, and control of your finances. It could be in your health so that you have more enthusiasm for the way you show up in every moment of every day. It could be in your relationships and learning how to put your ego, trauma, and judgment aside so that you can appreciate the people in your life for who they are.

Talk is cheap so let’s get real. If you’re ready to start doing things differently, that challenge you but shape you into the best version of yourself, so you can start changing your circumstances and tapping into your fullest potential every day, I have a suggestion.

Join me in the next cohort of the Best Self Breakthrough Challenge. This is a 21 day process to transform your mindset and daily routines so that you can truly reach your next level again (and again and again and again) until you’ve built the life of your dreams. It all starts with investing 21 days of focused, intentional action to install the core operating system that you can use to improve anything about your life.

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