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January 7, 2019

Use Technology Correctly with Dan Schawbel

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Let’s talk about technology. It has absolutely exploded in in the last decade and it’s scary to think that we each have access to more information in our pockets than many modern presidents did during their presidency. This comes with great opportunity, but also at a great detriment. Something that is starting to get the attention it deserves is the ramifications this technology is having on our social lives. A pioneer in the space, best-selling author,Dan Schawbel, has come upon some great conclusions, and he has shared those in his most recent book titled Back to Human

Technology is doing just as much harm as good. And some crazy statistics Dan shared is that we are on average tapping our devices 2600 times a day and looking at our phones once every 12 minutes. Pretty absurd.

What he articulates is that our mobile usage is in direct contradiction with our natural hierarchy of needs which creates superficial interactions that don’t leave a lasting impact on our well-being and psyche.  

But, technology definitely has its place in today’s society, and even in our social lives. So, use technology as a bridge to create opportunities for authentic social interaction. It really is irreplaceable.

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