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October 7, 2018

Use Screen Time Feature

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I recently updated my phone and got access to the “Screen Time” tracker on my iPhone. These insights I have into my mobile usage will help me limit the time I waste on my phone after a few days.

Essentially, the app counts your mobile usage and breaks it down into different categories like social networking, entertainment, and education, and what time of day you are using at, as well as how many times you pick up your phone every day.  

I began tracking my usage personally to decrease the amount of time doing certain things. For example, I think I check my phone too many times during the day, disrupting my work flow, and will focus on reducing that.

This feature is now available as part of iOS 12. To learn all about it there is a great video online that you can find by googling “Mac Rumors Screen TIme”. 

Using this resource, or a resources like it, will help you realize how much time you are actually spending doing certain things on your phone, and will open the door for areas of improvement that can be addressed.  

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